Online Master Class for pilates teachers


Stand your ground

- mobilise & strengthen your feet

Standy your ground feet

In this live streamed master class, we will

explore how we can strengthen and mobilise our feet - we will use balls and an elastic band.

We will look at & explore the feet from the perspective of bones, muscles and fascia

and improve our balance as an additional result.

Live master class on Zoom

with Birthe Brosolat

Matwork & Studio Pilates Master Teacher
Franklin Method Movement Educator


Friday, 29 January 2021

15.30-18.00 hrs (Copenhagen time)

Registration closes: 22 January 2021


Is this you?

There can be several reasons why you would be interested in this master class.

Maybe you would like 

to gain a better understanding about your feet.

to get some inspiration for different approaches to exercises focusing on the feet.

to integrate more standing exercises into your classes.

some inspiration as to how you can 'translate' anatomical knowledge about the feet into actual exercises.

some time for yourself to explore your own feet because they are aching.


This master class is not ideal for you, if you

  • already have an in-depth knowledge of the feet
  • want to learn specific protocols about specific foot problems.


After this master class

You know about the function & mechanics in the foot.

You know what the difference is to exercising the feet with a more muscular and a more fascial approach.

You understand how working with the feet can improve overall balance and maybe even posture.

You have a collection of exercises/movement explorations you can use in your classes.

Come and join me on an exploration of how you can mobilise and strengthen your feet combining pilates and The Franklin Method.

Your investment ...

Your investment in your professional development is

DKK 395

- 2,5 hours with lots of immersion and nerdery.



Replay of the master class which you can access up to 28 days after it has been released.

Additional bonus - Register by 17 January 2021

40 % off a private 45 minute Zoom session valid for 6 months (worth: DKK 637,50).

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the feet together with like-minded pilates teachers?

This is how other people experienced Birthe's teaching


Birthe teaches with a high amount of integrity, wit and good humour. Her teaching is always evolving. She understands to gather the knowledge she gets from her educations in The Franklin Method, Holistic Anatomy, Back4Good®, Anatomy Trains®, NLP etc. and incorporate it into her classes. This way she constantly updates and optimises what she teaches.


Birthe is an incredible knowledgeable and professional pilates teacher who increases her students' body awareness and movement potential by using very descriptive imagery and her strong sense of humour. During her classes, you are in absolutely good hands and walk away from a class with a wonderful sense of a body well-strengthened, stretched and mobilised. 


I have been to Birthe's workshops and teacher's trainings quite a few times. Every time I have had the chance to experience her as a teacher I have discovered so much about my body, my teaching and always gotten new information to explore or use in my work. She knows the body, how it functions inside out. What keeps amazing me about Birthe is also how every time she has something new: new discoveries that she generously shares, new methods that she has tried out… Always excited to have a chance to be taught by Birthe as I know I will walk out from the room with new feelings, sensations, inspiration and information.


When teaching, Birthe is always incredibly thorough, covering all the course material, and then some. She encourages testing things out on your own body. Birthe also manages to make even the simplest exercises interesting. She has a never ending thirst for knowledge, which inspires new teachers to want to keep growing and learning themselves, so that they become the best teachers possible. In her workshops she is always enthusiastic, well prepared, and very generous in sharing her knowledge. 



Birthe Brosolat - movement educator

Move with ease & joy

Your teacher ...

The workshop will be taught by Birthe Brosolat.

Birthe has taught movement for more than 35 years, first gymnastics, ballet and modern dance and since 2008 pilates. She is certified from Body Control Pilates in London in matwork and studio equipment on all levels. Birthe is also part of the Body Control Pilates’ teacher trainer team in Scandinavia.

She is also a certified Franklin Method Movement Educator. In Denmark, she is the only person out of 2 which are qualified in the method.

In her classes, Birthe focuses on creating awareness about how

  • we move, and if necessary, changing the way we move.
  • how our body is designed & how the body and the mind communicate
  • how our thoughts influence how we move.

The goal is to have a flexible mind in a flexible body throughout your life experiencing movement as a joyful activity.

She likes to combine her knowledge of pilates and The Franklin Method with insights from other methods & disciplines, e.g. fascia training and neuro science. She shares those insights in workshops, courses, classes and privates both in Denmark and abroad in an easy to understand language.

Do you want to know more about Birthe? You can take a look here.


If you have another question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Is there only theory?

My aim is to make this master class as practical as possible. Therefore, we will alternate between experiencing anatomical theory and transferring this theory to exercises for the feet.

I will explain the anatomy in an easy to understand and visual way based on The Franklin Method.

How do I secure my spot?

To secure your spot, please click on any of the blue buttons which will take you to a payment place.

Where do we meet?

We will meet online on Zoom.

How do I join the master class?

I will send you a link to the Zoom meeting room a couple of days before the master class.

Is there a replay?

I will make a replay available which you can watch up to 28 days after it has been released.

What if I cannot make it?

I will record the master class. So even if you don't have time to join on the specific day, you can always watch the replay.

What if the master class is cancelled?

In case I would have to cancel the workshop, I will offer either a new date or refund the amount.

In which language will you be teaching?

I will be teaching the master class in English.