Online Master Classes for pilates teachers


Access the power of your myofascial system

- combine pilates & myofascial release

Pilates & fascia

In this series of 3 master classes, we will combine pilates with myofascia release to

achieve improved muscle tone

improve the elasticity & rebound of our fascia

enrich the pilates experience.

3 live master classes on Zoom

with Birthe Brosolat

Matwork & Studio Pilates Master Teacher
Franklin Method Movement Educator


Is this you?

You are curious about how myofascial release can enrich your pilates experience.

You would like to feel energised & relaxed at the same time.

You are seeking inspiration for your own classes.

You would like to do your pilates practice at home.

You are looking for ways to create variation in your own movement practice.

You want to make your strength training more effective - a tight muscle cannot built up any more strength.

You would like to yourself immerse yourself in your own pilates practice without worrying about the next exercise or if the clients are safe.

Master class bundle

Pilates & fascia - foam roller

Pilates & fascia release with the foam roller

Saturday, 30 January 2021 - 12.30-13.30 hrs (Copenhagen time)

For this class you need a foam roller. You could also have a rolled up blanket ready as a substitute as we will place the roller in areas which might seem very sensitive.

Pilates & fascia - balls

Pilates & fascia release with the Franklin Method balls

Friday, 5 February 2021 - 12.30-13.30 hrs (Copenhagen time)

For this class you will need 2 orange Franklin Method soft balls (approx. 9 cm diameter). If you have a similar ball in size and texture that would work as well.

Pilates & fascia - hands

Pilates & fascia release with your hands

Friday, 12 February 2021 - 12.30-13.30 hrs (Copenhagen time)

All you need for this class are your 2 hands. The best "props" ever ...

After the classes, you ...

feel energised & relaxed at the same time.

have gained inspiration for your own classes.

have gained inspiration for your own classes.

have tried variations to well-known exercises which you can integrate into your own classes.

can make strength training more effective because the muscle tone is more balanced now.

This is how it works

In this series of matwork master classes we combine pilates with fascia release to create better access to the power of our myofascial system to make strength training more effective.

Each class is 60 minutes and will be live streamed on Zoom.

In each class we will use a prop to stimulate proprioception and release our myofascial system while moving our body.

In each class we will use a prop to stimulate proprioception and release our myofascial system while moving our body.

We will alternate between slow and controlled movements which have more of a massage character and faster movements which stimulate the fascia's recoil properties.

Your investment ...

Your investment in your own well-being is

DKK 450


Replay of the master class which you can access up to 28 days after the last class has been released.

Additional bonus - Register by 17 January 2021

40 % off a private 45 minute Zoom session valid for 6 months (worth: DKK 637,50).

Are you ready to immerse yourself in your own well-being together with like-minded pilates teachers?

This is how other people experienced Birthe's teaching


Although some of the exercises were challenging and uncomfortable, my body now feels fantastic.


Wonderful free flowing movements - connecting lines & releasing at the same time - will use lots in my classes and especially with 1:1 clients. 


Thank you for lots of new ideas. Brilliant for helping to re-awaken the movement potential in clients who think they are old and degenerating.


I was surprised how free, loose & relaxed I felt afterwards. I have learnt just how effective this type of release can be.



Birthe Brosolat - movement educator

Move with ease & joy

Your teacher ...

The workshop will be taught by Birthe Brosolat.

Birthe has taught movement for more than 35 years, first gymnastics, ballet and modern dance and since 2008 pilates. She is certified from Body Control Pilates in London in matwork and studio equipment on all levels. Birthe is also part of the Body Control Pilates’ teacher trainer team in Scandinavia.

She is also a certified Franklin Method Movement Educator. In Denmark, she is the only person out of 2 which are qualified in the method.

In her classes, Birthe focuses on creating awareness about how

  • we move, and if necessary, changing the way we move.
  • how our body is designed & how the body and the mind communicate
  • how our thoughts influence how we move.

The goal is to have a flexible mind in a flexible body throughout your life experiencing movement as a joyful activity.

She likes to combine her knowledge of pilates and The Franklin Method with insights from other methods & disciplines, e.g. fascia training and neuro science. She shares those insights in workshops, courses, classes and privates both in Denmark and abroad in an easy to understand language.

Do you want to know more about Birthe? You can take a look here.


If you have another question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Can I register for the classes individually?

When registering, you register for all the classes. If you cannot make it for the live streaming, you will get access to the classes afterwards.

How do I secure my spot?

To secure your spot, please click on any of the blue buttons which will take you to a payment place.

Where do we meet?

We will meet online on Zoom.

How do I join the master class?

I will send you a link to the Zoom meeting room a couple of days before the master class.

What if I cannot attend a live stream?

I will record all live streams. So even if you don't have time to join on the specific day, you can always watch the replay at a time more convenient to you.


How do I get access to a replay?

I will make a replay available after each class and send you a link to it. You can watch the replays up to 28 days after the last class has been released.

What is the level of the classes?

The exercises are mainly beginner to intermediate level because we focus on the myofascial release.

Are these classes suitable for everybody?

In general yes. But for some conditions, such as osteoporosis or inflammation in your soft tissues, lying on the props might potentially aggreviate the condition. However, you know your body best and will know which exercises are suitable for you.


What if the master class is cancelled?

In case I would have to cancel the workshop, I will offer either a new date or refund the amount.

In which language will you be teaching?

I will be teaching in English.