Are you ready to immerse yourself in the pelvis/hip together with like-minded pilates teachers?


Workshop for the Movement Nerd

A trip around the hip

Help your clients to

understand the movement of the pelvis and in the hip joints

prevent myofascial tension in the lumbar area and pelvis

In the workshop you ...

  • get an insight into how the pelvis moves and what might be the reason for pain in the lumbar or other areas around the pelvis.
  • learn why it is important know where the hip joint is.
  • will get inspiration for how to use the same exercise but change the focus area.
  • get tools to guide exercises in different ways depending on what you want to focus on.
  • get an insight into how to stimulate and improve the communication between the body and the mind to make the exercises more effective.
  • learn how you can incorporate your insights about the movement of the pelvis and the hip joint in your pilates classes.


Furthermore, we will ...

  • explore some of the muscles moving the pelvis and legs, e.g. the pelvic floor, psoas, abdominals and parts of the back muscles.
  • look at how to release myofascial tension around the pelvis and thus improve mobility - we will use our hands, small soft balls and the elastic band.
  • practice pilates ourselves - I will be teaching a pilates class in which I will include the concepts and ideas from the workshop.


After the workshop ...

You will have more tools and you have an insight into how you can help your clients to

  • increase mobility in the hip joint and to release and strengthen the myofascia around the pelvis
  • become more aware of how to move the pelvis to avoid tension or pain.


Come and join us on an exploration of how you can mobilise and strengthen the pelvis, hips and lumbar by combining pilates and The Franklin Method.

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Next workshop

New date to be released soon


For you who …

  • is a professional movement teacher & thinks being nerdy about the body and mind is great
  • would like to gain a more in-depth understanding of how our body is designed to move
  • would like to learn to combine theory with practical experience
  • would like to spar with an experienced teacher who combines different body conditioning disciplines and methods, i.e. the communication between the mind and the body

If you are not a pilates teacher but manual therapist or professional movement teacher, you are also welcome. Please note, though, that the exercises will be targeted towards pilates classes.


Do you have any quesions? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

This is how it works …

In the workshop, we alternate between experiencing anatomical theory and transferring this theory to pilates exercises - more specifically exercises focusing on the pelvis and hip joint.

I will explain the anatomy in an easy to understand and visual way based on The Franklin Method. We will use the insights about the anatomy on pilates exercises from Body Control Pilates' basic matwork repertoire.


The extended tool kit for your clients

Overall, these workshops are NOT about getting many variations of exercises. Instead, these workshops are about understanding in more depth how

  • the body is designed
  • the body and the mind communicate with each other
  • you can take these insights and incorporate them in a pilates exercise.

This is a very powerful tool because when you understand a concept you can apply it to any exercise or movement discipline you want. This way you

  • have more ways to teach an exercise depending on your focus area
  • can spot and correct quicker which problem your client might have with an exercise.

You get an extended tool kit to help your clients.


Sparring & practice for you

Furthermore, you get the opportunity to develop yourself professionally and immerse yourself in your own body practice:

  • You get nerdy and spar with other pilates teachers who are also interested in professional development
  • You have the opportunity to notice with your own body how it feels to incorporate insight into the body's design with an exercise.

Your investment ...

Your investment in your professional development is DKK 1,995 - 7 hours with lots of immersion and nerdery.

You can book the workshops individually. In case, you already know that you would like to register for more workshops, it is easier to click on the button further below - this will take you to a page where you can select more workshops at the same time.



Register by the early bird date, which you will find under each workshop, and received the following additional bonus:

  • Early bird price DKK 1,595 (20 % discount on the normal price)


  • Reduced price for a 30 minutes 'Pick my brain session' on video (skype) for DKK 210 (normal price: DKK 425). This is your chance to ask questions about the topic.


  • You can choose to pay in 2 instalments without additional fees:
    • 1. instalment of 50 % of the amount, which matures upon registration
    • 2. instalment of 50 % of the amount, which matures 30 days later, but before the workshop is held


NB: If you have previously

  • participated in the matwork class or had privates
  • booked a course/workshop which I have held in my own name and not via a different provider
  • had a Pick-my-brain session

you always pay the early bird price, even after the early bird date has expired. This is my 'Thank you' to you for booking again :o).


The following is included in the workshop

  • 7 hours workshop with lunch break (you bring your own lunch)
  • Coffee/tea/water and fruit/nuts
  • Handout in Danish or English (the language depends on the participants)

How to secure your spot ...

You secure your spot by clicking on the button below.

You will be redirected to a registration page where you fill in your personal details and select if you want to take advantage of the bonus.

Please note

  • You registration is binding.
  • I will not be able to refund the workshop, if you have to cancel your participation. However, you can transfer the workshop to another person by sending me an email - this person must be a certified pilates teacher.
  • In case I would have to cancel the workshop, I will, of course, refund the amount.
Birthe Brosolat - movement educator

Move with ease & joy

Your teacher ...

The workshop will be taught by Birthe Brosolat.

Birthe has taught movement for more than 35 years, first gymnastics, ballet and modern dance and since 2008 pilates. She is certified from Body Control Pilates in London in matwork and studio equipment on all levels. Birthe is also part of the Body Control Pilates’ teacher trainer team in Scandinavia.

She is also a certified Franklin Method Movement Educator. In Denmark, she is the only person out of 2 which are qualified in the method.

In her classes, Birthe focuses on creating awareness about how

  • we move, and if necessary, changing the way we move.
  • how our body is designed & how the body and the mind communicate
  • how our thoughts influence how we move.

The goal is to have a flexible mind in a flexible body throughout your life experiencing movement as a joyful activity.

She likes to combine her knowledge of pilates and The Franklin Method with insights from other methods & disciplines, e.g. fascia training and neuro science. She shares those insights in workshops, courses, classes and privates both in Denmark and abroad in an easy to understand language.

Do you want to know more about Birthe? You can take a look here.

The practicalities ...


All workshops will take place at Moving Mensch Pilates, Jernbane Allé 45, 2. sal, 2720 Vanløse.

The studio is opposite the metro and s-train station.


  • Bike - You can park your bike just by the studio.
  • Cars - Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces for cars. However, Kronen Shopping Centre or Irma, which are close to the studio, offer parking options.

We will start on time. Therefore, if arriving by car, allow some extra time to find a parking spot.


Teaching language

Depending on the participants, I will be teaching either in Danish or English.



  • Included in the price: Coffee/tea/water and fruit/nuts
  • Not included in the price: Lunch


Workshop handout

You will receive a workshop hand-out.


Upload of photos to social media

During the workshop, I might take some photos. Some of them, I will upload to Instagram and Facebook because I would like to share an exercise and to pique people's curiosity about the workshop.