24 gifts – day 3: Swing your collarbones

Swing collarbones

How to include the collarbones in good shoulder girdle movement

Let’s explore this with an embodiment from The Franklin Method

I find that the collarbone is a much underestimated collaborator in good shoulder movement. Usually, all the attention goes to the scapula. Don’t get me wrong: I think releasing the scapulas and getting them moving correctly is important (and we will certainly try that out).

However, it is equally important that the collarbone can do their movement job properly. In this video we focus on the collarbone “swinging” back and forth. They have other bone rhythms too but we will leave that for another day.


What is the exercise about?

  • This exercise is about releasing tension in the shoulder girdle and mobilising it by “swinging” the collarbone back and forth. However, you might also find that it releases neck tension.
  • We add some proprioceptive input by brushing the collarbone and the surrounding myofascia.


What do I like about it?

  • You use a very simple movement – protraction & retraction  –  to create awareness of where to move from.
  • You have a proprioceptive aspect because you use your hands and you are guiding the collarbone with your hands. This stimulates the communication between the brain and body and there is therefore more clarity about where the movement happens.
  • You have the release aspect because you are brushing your myofascial system. The warm hands add another dimension – that of adding “heat” to release tension.
  • Because the focus is on the collarbone you anchor your arm to your sternum and thus emphasise where the arm attaches to the torso bonewise.
  • The exercise can easily be integrated into a pilates environment or any other training programme because focus is on the bone rhythm, i.e. how is the collarbone supposed to move.


What prop do you need?

The best prop of them all – your hands … ;o)


Where to place the prop

On and underneath the collarbone. And later you cover the whole collarbone with your hand.


Which course/workshop is the exercise from?

  • The Franklin Method – pelvis, spine and shoulders

In this workshop I combine 3 short Franklin Method workshops

  • “Pelvic power”
  • “Imagery for a healthy, strong & youthful spine”
  • “Release your neck & liberate your shoulders”

to a full-day workshop. We go through the bone rhythms of the 3 body areas and explore them by using a variety of dynamic imagery.

You will also get a short taster of an embodiment from the pelvis and spine each as we move towards 24th December.


And here is the video …

Video length: 4:24 minutes



  1. Teele on 4. December 2020 at 0:28

    Amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with these short videos!!! Learning a lot already ?

    • Birthe Brosolat on 4. December 2020 at 6:46

      And thank you for trying the exercises ?. This particular exercise is one of my favourites in the whole Franklin repertoire of embodiments.

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