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Do you have a pilates studio or are you a manual therapist?

If so, I can offer the following services to you and your clients:

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Get more time for yourself and/or offer you clients more class options

  • Would you like to some breathing space for yourself in your busy day-to-day life by hiring a freelance teacher? Get some relief with some of the classes you teach yourself.
  • Would you like to offer your clients more classes but you cannot teach any more classes yourself?
  • Would you like to give your clients the opportunity to emerge themselves in movement related workshops but you do not want to teach them yourself ?

Let manual therapy and training go hand-in-hand


Manual therapist and pilates are a good match. You as the manual therapist take care of your client's injury, while I with pilates supplement your treatment by moving the rest of the body or the injuried area, as agreed with your and your client.

This means that either following or during your treatment, your client will have the opportunity to learn moving more consciously through pilates in order to maintain the effect of the treatment.

This is how I teach

As Joseph Pilates said ”It’s the mind that creates the body!”

It is important to me to convey how a movement should be done rather than "just doing" the movement. As soon as we become aware about how we move, we can start creating a change in our movement habits.

Communicate the philosophy that people need help to help themselves

My goal is to provide knowledge and tools which support the philosophy that people need help to help themselves. I teach conscious movement which basically means that the clients learn how to use their body in a more functional way by understanding that they are in charge when it comes to creating better movement quality. This way the client learns to take responsibility and take care of themselves - all to create a flexible and healthy body or to recover more quickly after an injury or maybe preventing an injury in the first place. This will help them in being able to do the activities they enjoy doing.

During my classes, I guide movement by focusing on how the joints move in the body (aka Bone Rhythms). With this approach

  • the right muscles are recruited
  • the exercise can become more efficient
  • and in the end the exercise programme will become more efficient.

Pilates should stimulate the whole body and this includes the mind - this is my starting point in my classes. The pilates fundamentals and a good technique are important. However, it is equally important to be curious about moving your body more consciously and discover how the body can move. And in addition to that it is not a bad thing to break a sweat either ...


Try it for yourself

Try a free trial session to check out if I am the right match for you and your clients. Contact me and try how a class feels on your own body.


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