Invest the time in your own training and further education

As pilates teacher it is important to have classes yourself and educate yourself further. By participating in workshops or taking classes with other teachers you will have the opportunity to both be inspired while networking at the same time.

Birthe Brosolat

How to make use of me in your own training

How to educate yourself further

  • Participate in workshops on various topics which I offer on a regular basis. The only requirement is that you are a certified pilates teacher or participate in a recognised pilates teacher training programme.
  • Get sparring or help in preparing for a pilates exam. I could either be your guinea pig for a class or observing a class which you teach. Or we could discuss a topic in more detail which you find a bit unclear.


Workshop for the movement educator nerd

The extended toolbox for helping your clients

  • Learn several ways to guide an exercise by changing the focus area
  • Increase your client's motivation by handing over responsibility to her/him
  • Spot quicker what might be amiss in an exercise and correct it quicker

In this workshop series we get nerdy when we combine principles from The Franklin Method, pilates and our myofascial system.

Depending on the participants the workshops will either be taught in English or Danish.


Find the upcoming workshops here.

Become a pilates teacher

Body Control Pilates

Get one of the best pilates teacher trainings on the market from Body Control Pilates - run by PilatesDK in our teacher training centre from Copenhagen.

Register and read more about the programme on PilatesDK's homepage.

Become a Franklin Method Educator

Learn how to move in a more functional way by utilising bone rhythms and dynamic imagery and learn how you teach both.

The latest movement educator programme focussing on the pelvis has been completed.

Run by Den Intelligente Krop, the next movement educator programme will start on 23 August 2019.

You can find more about the method on The Franklin Method's homepage.


The Franklin Method courses in Scandinavia

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Upcoming workshops/courses/master classes






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