Charlotte Rasmussen

Charlotte Rasmussen

- Studio owner of Moving Mensch Pilates

I have had the great pleasure of having had Birthe as a colleague for more than 10 years. Since 2010 we have collaborated closely with Birthe working in my studio, Moving Mensch Pilates, as a pilates teacher. Birthe is a truly competent teacher. She teaches matwork group classes, private and duet classes on the equipment as well as workshops for Moving Mensch Pilates' clients and other teachers.


Birthe teaches with a high amount of integrity, wit and good humour. Her teaching is always evolving. She understands to gather the knowledge she gets from her educations in The Franklin Method, Holistic Anatomy, Back4Good®, Anatomy Trains®, NLP etc. and incorporate it into her classes. This way she constantly updates and optimises what she teaches.


Birthe has a deep understanding of the values in our studio and is an important sparring partner. Because of her many-sided background, she also solves other tasks within graphic design and marketing. She is constantly on the move to know and understand more and generously shares the knowledge she obtains. Birthe plays an important role in my own development as a teacher but also in the development of our studio and brand. She is indispensable both for myself and for our studio.



Dorte Petersen

- Pilates instructor from Alan Herdman

For several years, I have benefitted from Birthe's classes and competence, and I can only praise an always attentive, competent and interesting communicator.


On a constant journey to explore the body and movement in general, Birthe is a good listener and generous both with clients and colleagues.


If I were an ordinary student, I would take classes with Birthe. Now, I am just happy to have her as a colleague!


Whether we discuss working on stability, fascia, neurology or dance, I can always be sure to get her qualified and active contribution and be constructively challenged by her.

Iben Rohde portrait - cropped

Iben Rohde

- Studio owner of Body Control Studio

I have had the great pleasure to have had Birthe employed in my pilates studio for several years.


Besides her pilates training with Body Control Pilates in London, Birthe has completed several other courses and education programmes to satisfy her an insatiable curiosity and constant thirst of new insights. Thus, she has acquired a wide array of insights which she fully utilises today.


A very competent and knowledgeable teacher, Birthe always treats clients with courtesy and surplus energy no matter if teaching a group or in a situation when the client has an injury.


When it comes to rehabilitation, Birthe has what we would call a 'therapist's approach'. By employing her strong analytical sense of how the body is designed, she guides the client with a sure hand in a rehabilitation process.


I can only give Birthe my best recommendations - in my opinion she is one of the best educators we currently have.


Teele Ude

Teele Ude

- Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates

I have been to Birthe's workshops and teacher's trainings quite a few times. When training to become a pilates teacher, I was also observing her classes which gave me true inspiration to start teaching myself. Every time I have had the chance to experience her as a teacher I have discovered so much about my body, my teaching and always gotten new information to explore or use in my work. She knows the body, how it functions inside out, which makes me so hungry for every insight she has about any issue or her corrections. What keeps amazing me about Birthe is also how every time she has something new: new discoveries that she generously shares, new methods that she has tried out, new courses she has taken… But truly what I love about Birthe is her eye to see different bodies, and to be able to put all her knowledge into practice for different needs. From her I have gotten corrections, exercises that I do daily in my own training, as she has found exactly my spots that I need to and have wanted to target. Always excited to have a chance to be taught by Birthe as I know I will walk out from the room with new feelings, sensations, inspiration and information.

Jennifer Wagstaffe

Jennifer Wagstaffe

- Pilates teacher with Balanced Body and Dance for Parkinson instructor

When teaching pilates teacher training courses, Birthe is always incredibly thorough, covering all the course material, and then some. She encourages testing things out on your own body as well as on others, and makes sure that there is time to go deeper into the exercise (time to be nerdy). Birthe also manages to make even the simplest exercises interesting. She has a never ending thirst for knowledge, which inspires new teachers to want to keep growing and learning themselves, so that they become the best teachers possible. In her workshops she is always enthusiastic, well prepared, and very generous in sharing her knowledge. 


Rikke Stehr

Rikke Stehr

- Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates and reflexologist in training

Birthe is an incredible knowledgeable and professional pilates teacher who increases her students' body awareness and movement potential by using very descriptive imagery and her strong sense of humour. During her classes, you are in absolutely good hands and walk away from a class with a wonderful sense of a body well-strengthened, stretched and mobilised. 



Heidi Lange

- Pilates instructor with Body Control Pilates - Odense

Birthe is an amazing teacher and very knowledgeable of pilates. In her teaching, she utilises different approaches. In a teaching situation, she makes sure all senses are targeted to get the message. We all have different ways of understanding a topic, and Birthe takes a lot of trouble to ensure that everybody is on the same page. She teaches with a lot of patience and willingness to help. I was under a lot of pressure during my pilates examination. Birthe was able to calm my nerves and make me believe that I would of course pass my examination. And even after I completed my examination she follows up. She is always open to help and provide guidance. The quality of Birthe's teaching is very high and I can strongly recommend her.