I breath movement

Hi there! My name is Birthe Brosolat and I am a movement educator.

Having taught movement for more than 35 years and previously done moderne dance and ballet on a high non-professional level for 25 years, I can truly say that I breath movement.

Those many years dancing had their toll on my body, though, manifesting themselves in back pain, problems in the shoulder girdle, neck and ankle.

'It's about being happy with yourself and your body'

'You will never feel better if you continue using your body the way you do now'. Those were the words of my osteopath many years ago. And with this prediction looming over my head, I started doing something different: I started focusing on how I moved and what were my compensation patterns. And in this pilates played a major role.

This new approach made all the difference. My body became stronger and I could say goodbye to my injuries. Having used pilates in rehabilitation myself, I know how effective it is. Pilates has become one of my most important tools for improving body awareness. The other important tool is The Franklin Method which has boosted my anatomical knowledge and how to apply this knowledge not only in my own body but more importantly in my movement education teaching.

'By combining my knowledge of pilates and The Franklin Method with insights from other fields, I create ideas and variations to the way you can use pilates as an exercise tool'

In 2004, I started my journey into the amazing world of our body for good. Equipped with a lot of curiosity, I study the various ways we can move which unite the body and the mind beautifully - and which in return create great results.

So far, this journey has taken me to the UK and US, where I educate myself, take classes and get inspiration on a regular basis. I thrive on learning new things and emerge myself in other areas which have to do with exercising and physical and mental well-being. I find it exciting to combine my knowledge of pilates and The Franklin Method with insights from other fields and thus create ideas and variation as to how to use movement to maintain a healthy body.

Be aware of what you are doing

'I believe that by uniting body and mind consciously while exercising we change and will move in a more appropriate and functional way'

Change happens the moment you become aware of what you are doing and apply knowledge and tools to implement what you want to change. That's what I do as a movement educator: Create awareness and provide the tools to create change.

In my classes I focus on movement stimulating the whole body which includes the mind. I believe that by uniting body and mind consciously while exercising we initiate change, and we will start moving in a more appropriate and functional way.

It is important to me to communicate how an exercise is done and not only to do the exercise. This means that I guide the exercise in such a way that you receive information about how the body is designed at the same time. How we use our body and mind is within our control - 'all' you need is awareness. It is about feeling good about yourself and your body. My goal is to inspire people to want to move more and take care of their body enabling them to engage in all the physical and mental activities they want to.

As a person I am happy and optimistic - movement should be enjoyable and exercising should be fun. Laughter engages the abdominal muscles and provides your brain with more oxygen which is fully in line with stimulating both body and mind ;o).

How you can make use of my service as movement educator

  • Hire me as a teacher in your studio or clinic for classes you offer regularly or to run workshops for your clients.
  • You could also hire me for your own practice or educate yourself further within anatomy, pilates equipment or pilates matwork.
  • I could also assist you in creating e.g. hand-outs for workshops you run yourself or to arrange events in your studio or clinic.


You can find more information about how I might assist you here.

My background

Certified in pilates matwork and studio equipment on all levels with Body Control Pilates in London, I have taught pilates since 2008. In addition to this, I also engage in 'teach-the-teacher' training either in my own name or for the Scandinavian cooperation partner for Body Control Pilates, PilatesDK.

In 2017, I qualified and started teaching in The Franklin Method.

I also spent almost 30 years in international business operations as executive assistant and project manager contributing to change processes to drive the people in the organisation and the organisation itself forward. Mainly in internal projects, my role has been that of liaising across departments and functions to gather and structure ideas and to move the projects forward. I conceptualised and visualised projects/initiatives to make them more tangible and gave input as to how the project/initiative could be communicated.

Physical journeys also contribute to change. So when I am not contributing to change processes through movement education or project management, I love to travel - preferably to places where I can challenge myself by rock climbing, hiking and I like spending hours outdoors taking photos. Needless to say, that participating in a pilates class or Franklin Method class is on my travel itinerary as well ;o).

Birthe Brosolat - movement educator

Movement Education

Body Control Pilates® London

  • Matwork Master Teacher certification
  • Studio Master teacher certification (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels)
  • Supervising teacher certification
  • Backcare professional (level 4 low back certified)
  • Level 4 study - in process
  • Holistic Anatomy

The Franklin Method

  • Franklin Method Movement Educator Level 2

Other education

  • I continuously participate in workshops and courses in anatomy, neurology, fascia and other movement concepts.
  • NLP Business Practitioner (2014) og NLP Master Practitioner (2016)


  • Member of the Body Control Pilates Teacher Trainer Team Scandinavia
  • Member of Body Control Pilates Association


Business Education

  • Bilingual secretary in English & German
  • Executive assistant
  • Project manager
  • Bachelor in Business English
  • Various types of communication & marketing training and training in graphic design applications