MC collage 2019.01

Pilates Master class - Matwork for pilates teachers only

Refine your technique

Absorb yourself in training your own body

Take classes with other pilates teachers

without clients, responsibility and watching the time.

These classes are for you who ...

  • is already a certified pilates teacher or participating in a teacher training programme from any pilates style
  • would like to invest some time in your own practice but find it hard to find classes during the daytime
  • would like to participate in a class with other pilates teachers to have the opportunity of networking and sparring
  • would like to immerse yourself in your own practice without worrying about the next exercise or if the clients are safe.

Your take-aways from the classes …

  • 60 minutes just for yourself
  • networking with other teachers
  • the opportunity to practice pilates focusing on flow.

Last but not least, take some inspiration back to your own matwork classes.

Class description and dates ...

Class description

In this class, there is more focus on stamina, more coordination, we change positions more and in a faster pace. The movements are larger and the exercises more complex - the whole class will be taught in a dynamic pace with very few stops in between the exercises. Sometimes, we return to slowness og revisit the more fundamental movements in more depth.

Sometimes, we will use small equipment, sometimes it will just be you and the mat.

I will assume that you are very familiar with the pilates principles from the Pilates ABC. If you have any injuries or disabilities, you will have to be able to manage them yourself and be prepared to move at a faster pace.

We will move in and out of the following positions in as smooth transitions as possible:

  • standing
  • prone
  • supine
  • side-lying
  • high kneeling
  • 4-point-kneeling

and any positions we might discover during the course of the class ;o).

This means that if you cannot be in one or the other of the above positions without managing a modification yourself, this class might not be the right one for you.

Next group start

Thursday, 05.09.2019

Early bird date: 16.08.2019

You can book in blocks

  • block 1
  • block 2 or
  • both blocks

Dates and times

All classes are on Thursday from
13.30-14.30 hrs.

NB: Please note that there are no classes in weeks 39 and 42 due to vacation.

Block 1

  • 05.09.2019
  • 12.09.2019
  • 19.09.2019
  • 03.10.2019
  • 10.10.2019

Block 2

  • 24.10.2019
  • 31.10.2019
  • 07.11.2019
  • 21.11.2019
  • 28.11.2019

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your investment ...

You will invest in a package of

  • Block 1 and 2: 10 classes in total each 60 minutes.
  • Blok 1 or 2: 5 classes in total each 60 minutes.


10 classes each 60 minutes long

  • early bird price until 16.08.2019 = DKK 2.125
  • price from 17.08.2019 = DKK 2.500


5 classes each 60 minutes long

  • early bird price until 16.08.2019 = DKK 1.062,50
  • price from 17.08.2019 = DKK 1.250



  • You pay the early bird price also after the early bird date has expired if you have previously
    • participated in the matwork class or had privates
    • booked a course/workshop which I have held in my own name and not via a different provider
    • had a Pick-my-brain session


  • Register by 16.08.2019 and get a reduced price for a 30 minutes Pick-my-brain session on video (skype) for DKK 210 (normal price: DKK 425). This is your chance to ask questions about a topic related to training and the body which occupies your mind at the moment.


  • If you get Block 1 AND 2 and register by 16.08.2019, you can choose to pay in 2 instalments without additional fees:
    • 1. instalment of DKK 1.075, which matures upon registration
    • 2. instalment of DKK 1.075, which matures 30 days later, but before the first group class


  • As participant you get access to a closed Facebook group - also if you register after the early bird date has expired. I upload photos from the group class which you can use as a reminder and further inspiration.

How to secure your spot ...

Please click on the button below to register for the group classes (you will be redirected to an enrolment page. I will send you an invoice and as soon as I have received the full payment or 1st instalment, I will confirm your spot in the group class.

Please note

  • Once you have registered, your participation is binding.
  • You purchase either Block 1 AND 2 or either Block 1 OR Block 2.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot purchase individual classes or switch classes in Block 1 and 2.
  • I will not be able to refund any classes you might miss.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot transfer the classes to another teacher if you cannot make it.
  • In case I would have to cancel the class, I will, of course, refund the amount or offer a replacement class.
Birthe Brosolat - movement educator

Move with ease and joy

Your teacher ...

The class will be taught by Birthe Brosolat.

Birthe has taught movement for more than 35 years, first gymnastics, ballet and modern dance and since 2008 pilates. She is certified from Body Control Pilates in London in matwork and studio equipment on all levels. Birthe is also part of the Body Control Pilates’ teacher trainer team in Scandinavia.

She is also a certified Franklin Method Movement Educator. In Denmark, she is the only person out of 2 which are qualified in the method.

In her classes, Birthe focuses on creating awareness about how

  • we move, and if necessary, changing the way we move.
  • how our body is designed & how the body and the mind communicate
  • how our thoughts influence how we move.

The goal is to have a flexible mind in a flexible body throughout your life experiencing movement as a joyful activity.

She likes to combine her knowledge of pilates and The Franklin Method with insights from other methods & disciplines, e.g. fascia training and neuro science. She shares those insights in workshops, courses, classes and privates both in Denmark and abroad in an easy to understand language.

Do you want to know more about Birthe? You can take a look here.

The practicalities ...


All classes will take place at Moving Mensch Pilates, Jernbane Allé 45, 2. sal, 2720 Vanløse.

The studio is located opposite Vanløse metro and s-train station.


  • Bike - You can park your bike just by the studio.
  • Cars - Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces for cars. However, Kronen Shopping Centre or Irma, which are close to the studio, offer parking options.

We will start on time. Therefore, if arriving by car, allow some extra time to find a parking spot.


Teaching language

I would like to offer the classes to as many teachers as possible. Therefore, depending on the participants, I will be teaching either in Danish or English.


Number of participants

Both classes will be limited to 8 participants.



You will not receive a list of the exercises, I teach. Instead you will get access to a closed group on Facebook. I take photos of the exercises during the class and upload them to the Facebook group. The photos service as a reminder of the exercise. I usually write a comment or two to each photo.


Upload of images to social media

Some of the images I take, I upload to Instagram and Facebook - partly to share exercises or to make other become curious about the matwork class.