24 gifts – day 22: Can focusing on your kidneys release your thoraco-lumbar fascia?

Focus on kidneys

Can focusing on your kidneys release your thoraco-lumbar fascia?

Have you ever included focusing on your organs in your own movement practice?

I didn’t. So adding them into my movement experience has been quite the revelation to me.

Not only did I learn more about my body in general, in terms of how the organs function, where precisely they actually are located and what there relationship is to neighbouring structures, such as the psoas.

But I have also gained a greater appreciation of my body as a whole. So much is going on behind the scenes – so to speak – which enables me to live my live in the way I like. I find this rather mind-blowing.

Therefore, I would like to share a shortened version of one of the embodiments from my Franklin Method Educator Level 3 training. We will focus on moving from the kidneys. More precisely,

  • we will place 2 orange Franklin Balls under our pelvis
  • we will imaging holding our hands around the kidneys
  • we will draw where the ureters run from the kidneys to the back of the bladder with our hands
  • we will add anterior and posterior rotation of the pelvis
  • in our mind we will create different types of imagery.

I could have chosen an organ which is much more ‘trendy’ like the lungs or the heart. But I choose the kidneys because my journey into the world of the Franklin Method started with a workshop about the kidneys 5 years ago. But I will share more about the outcomes of that journey in a couple of weeks when I have finalised my Level 3 training.


What is the embodiment about?

  • This embodiment can help release tension in your thoraco-lumbar fascia
  • We add some proprioceptive input by lying on 2 small soft balls.


What do I like about it?

  • You use anatomical imagery of the kidneys and ureter and create awareness of this part of your anatomy.
  • Not only does this embodiment have an effect on your thoraco-lumbar fascia but you might also feel how it releases your abdominal wall.
  • It has a positive effect on your posture.
  • You might find that your psoas feels more relaxed – so focusing on a neighbouring structure like the kidneys can be a different approach to working with psoas issues.
  • You have a proprioceptive aspect because you use your hands. This stimulates the communication between the brain and body and there is therefore more clarity about where the movement happens.
  • You are lying on 2 small soft balls and therefore you have the release aspect in your gluteus maximus because you are massaging the myofascial structure in this area.
  • This is a very mindful exercise because you turn your focus inside towards some anatomical areas which you maybe aren’t so familiar with.
  • It has a calming effect on your state of mind and your breathing.


What prop do you need?

  • 2 orange Franklin Balls – or balls of similar texture and size
  • The best prop of them all – your hands … ;o)


Where to place the prop

  • The balls go under your pelvis in gluteus maximus area
  • The hands are placed ‘around your kidneys’.


Which course/workshop is the exercise from?

  • The Franklin Method Educator teacher training – Level 3


If you are curious about The Franklin Method, take a look at their website or mine.

You might also be interested to know that The Franklin Method Educator Training Level 1 will run in October 2021 in Denmark. You can read more about the first module here.



And here is the video …

Video length: 9:51 minutes


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