The Franklin Method

Immersion into the body's design and functional training

Learn how the body moves so we can move correctly throughout our live

In the Franklin Method we focus on how the body is designed to move and how to experience this design in our own body (Embodiment). We also use Dynamic Imagery to improve the way we move.


The 3 principles of the Franklin Method:

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Bone rhythms

The body is designed to move safely and efficiently. When we move, our bones move in relationship to each other in a 3 dimensional dance which you can’t necessarily see from the outside. In The Franklin Method we call this functional movement of the bones “The Bone Rhythms”.

These rhythms have developed evolutionary as we humans have developed as a species to adapt and survive in a changing environment.

Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery

In The Franklin Method we use the term 'Dynamic Imagery' as a way to describe how we can stimulate and improve the communication between the brain and the body. We now know that the brain is plastic and that it changes through experiences. You can even use your own brain to change the brain. This is not meant metaphorically but literally; to change the brains architecture according to how you use your brain.

We can use our brain to send messages through our body with e.g. a metaphorical imagery. The body in reverse sends a message to the brain about how the local situation is at the moment. 'Dynamic Imagery' can be used as a tool to improve the way we move.


This is not just about giving information and insight about the body’s design.

What is important is to get a physical experience of this information and insight: This means to experience an improved function or movement and to have the tools available to recreate this experience.


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Become a Franklin Method Trainer

  • Learn how to move more functionally by applying bone rhythms and dynamic imagery
  • and learn how to teach this.

Level 1 of the teacher trainer training in Denmark has been scheduled for 2021.

The training will start on 01.10.2021 at Den Intelligente Krop and will focus on the pelvis. You secure your spot on the website of Den Intelligente Krop.

The course will be taught by Morten Dithmer. I myself will be participating as mentor for the students.

Please note that this course will be taught in Danish only.


Are you wondering if The Franklin Method is for you? Please take a look at this article written by Morten Dithmer.


The Franklin Method workshops - originals

I offer the following original Franklin Method workshops in Danish or English either in Denmark or abroad.

  • Pelvic Power
  • Release your neck & liberate your shoulders
  • Imagery for healthy and strong knees
  • Imagery for a healthy, strong & youthful spine
  • Feet For Life - organizing your dynamic base
  • Toned & flexible muscles through imagery
  • The Psoas - activate your inner core
  • The pelvic floor in three dimensions: Active, toned, and balanced
  • Franklin abdominals: Another approach


In general, each workshops lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. They can be combined to suit a half day or full day course.

Are you interesting in hosting a workshop? Please contact me for more information


Birthe Brosolat - movement educator

Move with ease & joy

Your teacher ...

The workshop will be taught by Birthe Brosolat. She has been teaching movement for more than 35 years, first gymnastics, ballet and modern dance and since 2008 pilates.

Birthe is a certified Franklin Method Movement Educator by Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer. In Denmark, she is the only person out of 2 which are qualified in the method.

She is also certified from Body Control Pilates in London in matwork and studio equipment on all levels. Birthe is also part of the Body Control Pilates’ teacher trainer team in Scandinavia.

In her classes, Birthe focuses on creating awareness about how

  • we move, and if necessary, changing the way we move.
  • how our body is designed & how the body and the mind communicate
  • how our thoughts influence how we move.

The goal is to have a flexible mind in a flexible body throughout your life experiencing movement as a joyful activity.

She likes to combine her knowledge of The Franklin Method with insights from pilates, fascia training and neuro science. She shares those insights in workshops, courses, classes and privates both in Denmark and abroad in an easy to understand language.

Do you want to know more about Birthe? You can take a look here.