24 gifts – day 9: Twist and stretch

Hamstring stretch and twist

Hamstring stretch and twist

Bring out your foam roller: We will need it for another one of those “double duty exercises” or get 2 for 1, maybe even get 3 for 1 ;o).

The exercise can do “double duty” in at least 2 ways:

  • Tempo
  • Focus area


  • Perform the exercise slowly and with control (that is how I start out in the video)
  • Perform the exercise in a more flowing and dynamic way – you are still in control (that is how I do it mainly in the video).

Focus area

  • Hamstrings – you can achieve a dynamic stretch in your hamstrings
  • Ribbasket – release tension in the myofascia
  • Rotation – Mobilisation of the spine


While most people who have tried this exercise agree on that it is lovely afterwards, many don’t enjoy it while it lasts ;o). And that is simply because they hold a lot of tension and are very sensitive on the side of the upper thorax. Or as one client once said: “It isn’t as painful as it used to be” … ;o).


What to do about it

  • Well … do the exercise regularly ;o).
  • Use a rolled up blanket instead of the foam roller (that is actually a wonderful alternative in its own right).


NB: A small note of caution for this exercise: If you or your clients are suffering from osteoporosis, this is not an exercise I would recommend because you are lying on your ribs with a lot of body weight.


What is the exercise about?

  • Firstly, you release tension in the upper thorax by rolling across your myofascia on the foam roller.
  • You are stretching your hamstrings dynamically.
  • We add some proprioceptive input to the side of our ribbasket and mobilise it.


What do I like about it?

  • I am a big fan of dynamic stretching in general.
  • And I am also a big fan of dynamic exercises.
  • You can choose to make it a slow & controlled movement or a dynamic & controlled movement
  • You can do the exercise without the foam roller.
  • Since you release myofascial tension around the ribbasket you improve shoulder flexibility and ease your breath.
  • It is fun to swing your leg and rotate.


What prop do you need?

The foam roller


Where to place the prop

On the side of your ribbasket


Which course/workshop is the exercise from?


And here is the video …

Video length: 3:07 minutes


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