What are more than 400 pilates teachers from all over the world doing in London?

The gathering place of more than 400 pilates teachers

The gathering place of more than 400 pilates teachers

Welcome to The Royal College of Physicians i London – the place to be this weekend, if you

  • would like to be updated on what’s going on in the pilates world

  • are in need of some inspiration for your classes


Well, yes, I agree. The building is not the most exciting one. However, it is not the architecture which is important but what is happening inside this building during the weekend.

The last weekend in September usually means it is Development Weekend and several days with lots of inspiration and new insights into what’s going on in the pilates world. The Development Weekend has been organised by Body Control Pilates in London now for the 27. time. And it’s my 7th time since I started teaching pilates in 2008.

And why is this information relevant to you, you might wonder? It is relevant because over the next coming weekends I am going to share my take-aways of the Development Weekend with you. You will receive in total 9 emails with exercises and insights from the workshops I attend.

I am doing this,

  • because I know that not everybody can come to London even though you’d like to go. Maybe you aren’t a member of Body Control Pilates, or if you are, maybe you don’t have the chance to go to London
  • and because I don’t want you to miss out on all the exiting things happening from Thursday to Sunday in more than 80 different workshops.

I very much look forward to sharing what I got out of the workshops.

However, I look even more forward to learning what you get out of what I share with you. Do you find it useful and how do you use it?

So if you

  • would like to keep updated on what’s going on inside the world of pilates

  • are looking for ideas and inspiration for your classes

you can follow along in this newsletter, on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay tuned – I will get back to you very soon. And yes, you will receive quite a few emails from me over the next couple of weeks but only because it is Development Weekend time. I promise that email frequency will decrease after that.

I look forward to sharing my take-aways with you.

PS: Please feel free to share all the stuff you find useful.

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